Staring at a blank screen? Or a couple of paragraphs in and gnashing your teeth? Either way I’m glad. Not because you’re stuck. Or cross. But that you reached out and found me before you hurled your laptop out of the window.

Copywriting. It’s harder than it looks isn’t it?

Explaining the essence of your business in just a few short paragraphs. Plus you work with your product or service every day. It’s all too easy to forget what makes it special, different and unique. And crafting good copy takes time. Time you never seem to have.

OK first things first. If you’re stuck for words, let’s talk.

Together we can figure out exactly who your target market and prospective customers are and the right approach and tone to use to connect with them. We can have a trawl through previous campaigns, analyse what worked and what didn’t. Then I’ll start writing for you.

I can help you with all kinds of copywriting projects:

  • Web content: snappy and succinct because people speed read online
  • Blog posts: keep your site dynamic and interesting
  • Video scripts: a great sales tool for your website
  • Social media: can you trust the intern with your corporate voice?
  • Direct mail: yup definitely still works
  • Brochures and flyers: that actually get read
  • E-shots: attention grabbers that get you noticed
  • Press releases: newsworthy and still a shamless plug
  • Newsletters: keeping your customers informed
  • White papers: informative and commercial, advertising at its most subtle
  • Sales proposals: a nod to my old life.

As long as you’re not peddling anything shifty…so no get rich quick schemes, pseudo science or success with the ladies – guaranteed. Eugh!

If you’re mulling something over and feel like you could use a hand, please do get in touch. Phone is good. Skype too, if I remember to unmute the mic. Or a chinwag over coffee. Whichever you prefer.