Hi, thanks for stopping by. My name is Richard Phelps and sadly I’m not actually a wizard. Well not a real one. Only in World of Warcraft, my secret shame. I’m actually a freelance copywriter working out of my home office in Cardiff, South Wales.

Why did I choose copywriting as a career?

Three words. Sarah Jessica Parker. Stop laughing at the back. I’ve seen more Sex and the City than I care to admit. And her character never seemed to go to work. She just typed on her laptop in coffee shops. I like a flat white and thought that seems perfect for me.

So here I am. No boss, no dreary office cubicle. Our lives aren’t exactly identical. I’m certainly not as glossy and have fewer shoes, but our careers are aligned. Writers with laptops in coffee shops. SJP I raise my cosmopolitan and salute you. Bit early for that mind, hic…….

So actual stuff you might want to know before hiring me.

Plus other random facts………………

I worked in sales for over ten years. And yes I did have a Mondeo with my jacket hanging in the back.

My specialisms include: Learning & Development, SaaS , IT, and Health & Safety.

But thanks to freelancing I’ve learned about stuff like curry, luxury soap, houseboat holidays, mail fulfilment and recruitment. Every day is different. Splendidly so.

I have a degree in history from Swansea University,  a professional diploma from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and one from the Institute of Copywriting too. My mother is very proud.

I appeared on the back of children’s cookbook aged 12. One day when I’m old I’ll be like JR Hartley out of the Yellow Pages ad and track down a copy.

Anyway that’s quite enough about me. Let’s talk about your latest copywriting project and how I can help instead.

Of course being a freelance copywriter in Cardiff means I work with local businesses across South Wales, but I’m an adventurous sort, daring to cross the bridge and pick up jobs further afield in Bristol, London and all over the place really.

And thanks to the wonders of Skype I’m able to work globally too. See, it’s not that bad being in Wales. We even have tapas now. So please do get in touch wherever you are.