The Royal Mint doesn’t just produce the change in your pocket. They strike beautiful commemorative coins to celebrate all kinds of anniversaries and events. I was tasked with writing web product copy for a Star Wars themed tie up with Royal Mail – stamps and coins showcasing the droids from these timeless movies.

What I wrote

Celebrate the quirks of one of the galaxy’s most unlikely heroes

From programming binary load lifters to defeating the hated Empire, it’s been quite a journey for the protocol and etiquette droid. Human cyborg relations were never meant to be this exciting. An unlikely hero, C-3PO along with counterpart R2D2, has served the Rebellion valiantly, pressed into action countless times against the dark side. Smashed up and reassembled on more than one occasion, his red arm hints at his epic back story.

As a new generation of filmgoers are introduced to the epic space saga, Royal Mail has produced a stamp and coin cover celebrating some of the series’ most iconic characters. Royal Mail’s striking stamps are accompanied by a specially commissioned Royal Mint medal.

This limited edition cover features a stamp sheet including eight stamps and an information card written by Star Wars expert Simon Beecroft complete. It also features a stunningly detailed schematic plan revealing some of C-3PO’s lesser-known components. Each cover contains a hallmarked, silver Proof medal designed exclusively by The Royal Mint for inclusion in this product.

The obverse of the medal shows C-3PO standing in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo’s battle-scared Corellian YT-1300f light freighter – the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. The reverse shows him being repaired by his master Luke Skywalker.

The stamps are cancelled by an exclusive handstamp featuring the Star, Glenrothes location, uniquely tying these stamps to the cover.

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