Forget hip co-working spaces.

When I want to get away from the home office for a change of scene, there’s only one place on my mind.

J D Wetherspoons.

Honestly, you should try it.

Once you’ve cleared the Brexit propaganda off the table and found the menu, it’s all good.

Reasonably priced breakfast (and booze if you’re that way inclined before 9am).

Plus, best of all for the tight-fisted freelancer – unlimited coffee refills.

Meaning you can eek out a whole morning for under a fiver.

Avoid the siren call of the fruit machine and you’ll have a productive couple of hours.

Trust me.

And in the last few years I’ve been doing this, not only have a met some ‘local characters’.

Shout out to Strongbow guy and angry Margaret.

But, I’ve also observed a trend pertinent to the self-employed.

The cheaper you are, the more people seem to expect.

Honestly, you should hear the demands that now accompany a breakfast order.

“I want this on the side”.

“Not too much sauce”.

“If my egg isn’t runny I’ll send it back”.

And so on.

It’s a £2.99 breakfast. At Spoons!

At that price, just be grateful that they bring it to you.

Except that’s not how people see it.

As far as they’re concerned, they’re the customer, and as such, are entitled to a bespoke dining experience akin to something you’d get at the Ritz.

Which would be fine, if they were paying those prices…

And you’ll find this in the world of freelancing.

Those clients who try to low ball you and quibble every penny.

Start working with them and you’ll encounter that same sense of entitlement.

They’ll have you running this way and that – all for an invoice that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

So, like the table on the mezzanine with the shouty hen do warming up for a day on the lash.

Avoid like the plague.




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