In the early 80s, the UK went nuts for Fame, a TV show about the students of the New York City High School for the Performing Arts.

Wanting to live forever, learn how to fly (high), and light up the sky like a flame were:

Awkward singer Doris.

Heartthrob Leroy.

Comedian Danny.

All rounder Coco.

And sensitive musician Bruno Martelli.

I instantly liked Bruno, on account of his hair.

Much like mine, it was satisfyingly large and bouncy.

And while the others were leaping about clad in unitards, headbands and suchlike.

He was quietly ensconced in his music.

Plink plonking away on his keyboard.

You see, our Bruno was something of a Jean-Michel Jarre – an electronic pioneer, unconstrained by the shackles of the past.

And no one was going to tell him otherwise.

Certainly not his teacher, stuffy old Mr Shorofksy.

A stickler for tradition, this likeable fuddy-duddy would persevere though.

Trying, in vain, to instil some respect for classical music.

Not that our big haired hero was listening…

Bruno was so enamoured of technology, he maintained that in the future there wouldn’t even be instruments.

No violins. No pianos. No guitars. No nothing.

Why bother when you have keyboards was Bruno’s retort.

A bold statement in 1982, because we can see exactly how it panned out –

Invitation to the futurists’ guild rescinded…

So, where’s all this going?

Segue alert.

Well, I hear this kind of prediction in marketing all the time.

The old ways don’t matter. Not when the latest fad is this.

So, let’s throw the baby out with the bath water and jump on the latest bandwagon.


You see, as a copywriter, I’m skilled in an old school discipline.

But, here’s the rub.

Much like the keyboard player joined the band instead of replacing it.

We can all co-exist together, to make something bigger and better.

Marketing fundamentals plugged into exciting new channels and tech.

All together now:

You ain’t seen the best of me yet…






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