The movie Step Brothers is a straight up chuckle fest.

Brennan Huff and Dale Doback are two 40 year old losers still living at home.

When Brennan’s mum Nancy and Dale’s Dad Robert meet, fall in love and get married, they’re forced to live together as step brothers.

Hilarity ensues.

But, their failure to launch catches up with them when Nancy and Robert plan to retire and sail around the world.

Our two kidults are forced to find jobs, make alternative living arrangements and attend therapy.

But, they aren’t going down without a fight and hatch a plan to harness their talents and make a bucket load of cash in the process.

Prestige Worldwide.

Not a band you understand.

That’s been done before.

More like a global music corporation…

Which they pitch to potential investors at a family birthday:

“We thought we’d roll out a once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity.

Happy birthday, Derek.


Prestige Worldwide,wide, wide, wide.

Prestige Worldwide.

The first word in entertainment.

First word.


Financial portfolios.



Black leather gloves.

Research and development.

Putting in the man-hours to study the science of what you need.

Last week we put Liquid Paper on a bee……and it died.




Possibly you”.

Before offering up the premiere of their first music video.

Now you can’t fault their ambition.

But, as a business plan it’s patently ludicrous.

Of course it is. It’s a comedy movie starring Will Ferrell.

But, it’s an easy trap for real life would-be entrepreneurs to fall into.

You see it everywhere. Dissatisfaction with cubicle life can make people crazy.

And they start with the wacky ideas. Anything to exit the rat race.

Artisan muesli, more craft beer, cupcakes that are going to make more than pin money.

And people quit their jobs to pursue something pie-in-the-sky, burning through a pile of cash.

But, you don’t have to give up on that dream.

Just be a bit more sensible is all.

Case in point.

Nike founder Phil Knight didn’t create a global empire out of nothing.

He spent years selling training shoes out of a van at track meets before taking the plunge.

Minecraft was a bedroom side project  before it could stand on its own.

Which brings up back to Brennan and Dale.

Ultimately they do get a business off the ground.

Just not the one they imagined.

Prestige Worldwide becomes an entertainment company that runs karaoke events.

Not the global music corporation they naively envisioned. But an enterprise they can build from the ground up that’s better suited to their experience and talents.

A sensible sideways step, rather than a full on leap into the dark.

So, yeah, let’s do this.

Slowly and carefully. Building from the ground up.

And from there you can take on the world.

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