Nerdy and unassuming, Louis Theroux is just so disarming.

Whether he’s hanging out with TV evangelists, conspiracy theorists or swingers, he’s soon immersed in their world.

And when they accept him as one of their own, the revelations to camera are astonishing.

Remember Thor Templar self-titled Lord Commander of the Earth Protectorate who claimed to have dispatched more than 20 alien invaders?

Or paranoid survivalist Bo Gritz preparing for global catastrophe?

Check them out again if you fancy a chuckle.

I was thinking about Louis today as I had to explain my job for the umpteenth time.

An occupational hazard for any copywriter.

“So, if I invent something you can legally protect my work right?”

“Err, no. That’s copyright. I’m the other kind”.

“What other kind?”

Then it dawned on me. I know exactly how to get this across.

In one of the early episodes Louis offers an insightful look at the adult movie business.

Yup the one with JJ Michaels, the diminutive ex-fighter pilot with a love of monster action figures turned porn star.

JJ aside, what chiefly sticks in my mind is the very niche role someone has to perform if things go wrong on set.

Waiting in the wings should the money shot fail to materialise is a very special individual – the stunt cock.

I kid you not.

Probably not an occupation you’d find on the drop down list when you’re renewing your car insurance, but a real, actual job nonetheless.

It must be every stud’s nightmare. Fail to deliver the critical moment and someone else has to step in…

And unedifying as it may seem, this is kind of what I do.

Just in a marketing sense I hasten to add.

You see, people often hand me something that isn’t performing.

A sales letter with a limp response rate.

Or a bunch of e-shots getting ignored.

I take the place of the original writer, and it becomes a rescue job, making sure those words hit the mark.

Yes I’m unseen and uncredited, but it wouldn’t be a wrap without me.

So, let’s have that conversation again.

Err, no. That’s copyright. I’m the other kind”.

“What other kind?”

“A copywriter. Y’know, like a stunt cock…”




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