It’s almost 5pm.

And for clubs in football’s Premier League, the transfer window is about to slam shut.

Fail to land that missing piece of the jigsaw:

Tricky winger, midfield maestro or defensive stalwart.

And it’s gonna be a long, hard season.

As the clock ticks down, the market goes bat shit crazy as clubs try to get multi-million pound deals over the line.

A mad scramble as compelling as any match day.

And it’s this same sense of urgency you want in your copy.

A countdown to secure that killer deal.

As well as a fear of missing out.

OK, let’s get to work.

First up you need to think about your wording.

Phrases like: act now, don’t delay and call today are only going to help your cause.

An exclamation mark or two is OK, but don’t go overboard.

OK, now we’re warming up.

Next, create your own transfer window frenzy with a time-limited offer.

Sprinkle in messages about a flash sale, or limited stock or something that’s only available to the first 100 folks who get in touch.

And finally, heed those scuppered transfer deals of yore.

Where a faulty fax machine or missed flight saw time run out.

Avoid calamity for your customers by making it easy to buy.

Tell them exactly what they need to do.

And by that I mean hold their hand all the way.

So don’t just send them to your home page if you sell online.

Point them at the contact form they need to complete to respond to your offer.

That way they can’t get lost and give up along the way.

Get it right and deal done.

In the words of Alan Partridge:

“Back of the net”.



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