Now I’m no disciple of Clarkson, although as a middle-aged man I do have a penchant for pairing a blazer with jeans.

But I still care about the car I drive.

I wouldn’t settle for just any old thing.

I know, I know, it’s just a piece of tin on four wheels that gets me from A to B, but I’m a sucker for a bit of personality.

So, when my Mrs P and I decided to get a little runabout there was always going to be a heated debate.

Captain Sensible vs Mr. But It’s Rosso Red.

First up we put a Toyota Aygo through its paces.

And very nice it was too. Low miles, service history and plenty of warranty left.

Definitely worthy of serious consideration.

Then we took a Fiat 500 for a spin.

It had been worked harder and there was no sign of the log book, voiding any remaining guarantees on the mechanics and bodywork.

After the test drive my wife pitched the Toyota, listing the perfectly logical advantages.

Good points well made – all twelve of them.

And my counter to her checklist when it was my turn to make the case for the 500?

But, it’s cheeky…

Yup, that was it. Pitiful I know.

However, subconsciously I’d made my mind up. I wanted a car that put a smile on a face.

And no amount of evidence or common sense was going to sway me.

Any logic at play was reverse engineered into my thought process to try to justify a decision already mostly made and very much driven by emotion.

Not the other way around.

“Well they don’t rust any more”.

“It’s only two years old so nothing major can go wrong with it”.

And guess what, the Fiat won the day.

No, I didn’t have a tantrum to get my own way, and very nice it is too.

Anyway, the upshot of all this…

We’re humans, not robots. We don’t always act how you might expect.

Which means when you’re peddling your wares, facts and figures won’t necessarily win the day.

Even though it seems like they should…

So, it’s essential to make a play to your prospects intuitive side as well as the rational.

If you’re getting stonewalled and missing out on new customers, then maybe your sales copy needs some tweaking.

Y’know, to better press those emotional buttons to get the response you’re after.

Happy to have a look and give you my two cents worth.

As long as I can drive over to your office…






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