The return of Michael Myers. Again.



John Carpenter’s 1978 slasher flick Halloween is a bone fide horror classic.


Michael Myers, he of the boiler suit and white face mask, escapes the secure facility he was sent to after murdering his sister and returns to his home town of Haddonfield.

Carnage ensues.

Tense and taught, it’s a masterful 91 minutes of scares and screams.

And as the highest grossing independent movie of all time, sequels were inevitable.

So, how do they rate?

Halloween 2 is OK.

Halloween 3 Season of the Witch is just plain weird. Something about killer masks. No Michael Myers.

Then things really go downhill when they bring him back.

In Halloween 4 it turns out Michael didn’t die at the end of Halloween 2. And he comes back to Haddonfield.

In Halloween 5 it turns out Michael Myers didn’t die at the end of Halloween 4. And he returns home. Again.

In Halloween 6 it looks like Michael Myers is immortal…some guff about the ‘Curse of Thorn’.

Halloween H20 ignores installments 3-6 and purports to be a direct sequel to 2.


Then Rob Zombie reboots the series with remakes of 1 and 2.

Phew! Still with me?

And somewhere along the way Michael Myers stopped being scary, or interesting, or entertaining if you like this sort of thing.

He became silly, tired and predictable.

Interest levels in the franchise plummeted and the one star reviews rolled in.


Donald Pleasence topped up his pension fund nicely though.

Anyway. Where’s all this going?

Ah yes.

Maybe the same thing has happened to your marketing?

Something that was fresh and interesting once upon a time, has been become stale and dull.

You’ve done it to death, dredging up the same old thing and putting it in front of prospects itching for something new.

You’ve become the Halloween franchise.

Once you wore that boiler suit with menace. Now it’s just old hat. And no one cares any more.

If your marketing feels stuck in a groove of ever diminishing returns, then maybe I can help?


With a revamp of your copy.  Emails, press releases, blog posts…

That sort of thing.

Together we can come up with ideas to get your message across in new and interesting ways.

Ones that get your prospects thinking. And clamouring for a solution.

A rethink. An overhaul. A freshen up. That won’t turn putrid. Because we’ll keep on mixing it up.

Not just rehashing the same old, same old until everyone’s had enough.

First call is free, so if you like to talk through an upcoming project that could use a different perspective, let’s schedule a conversation. 






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