So, you’re wrestling with a marketing project – a website, a piece of direct mail or a brochure perhaps – and need to come up with some killer sales copy.

What’s the plan?

Give it a go yourself? Maybe the intern could have a bash?

Or you could bring in a copywriter to craft those persuasive words that you need. Sounds kind of expensive though……..

The Professional Copywriters’ Network recommends a minimum day rate of £250 for freelance copywriters. Some charge as much as £800.

First impressions confirmed.

So why spend the money? They’re just words after all. Anyone can put a few sentences together………..

Cutting corners with content is tempting. All too often copy is just an afterthought. Invest in design? Sure. Words. Not so much.

And the results are all around for everyone to see………..

Leave someone to their own devices and what you get is a bad case of ‘we’. As in we do this, we do that.

Take websites for example. Ever seen stuff like this?

‘We were formed in 2005 and since then we have been committed to providing the highest levels of service to our customers. Our aim to is provide a service that fits the needs of clients, not ours. Our knowledge and experience make us the perfect fit’.

Probably. It’s all over the web. But what is this gobbledygook actually telling us?


It’s just empty platitudes, hollow boasting and nothing at all about what you can do for your customers.

A professional copywriter comes at the same task from a very perspective.

So let’s look at 5 reasons why it’s worth shelling out for their services:

Reason 1 – it’s salesmanship in print

If you’ve ever had to sell anything in person, you’ll know how hard that is.

Whether you tried to convince a would-be customer in a shop or pitched a complex software package to senior management, it wasn’t easy.

Now imagine not even being there. That’s what copywriting is. Words that sell without you.

In person you can read body language and respond to objections as they crop up.

Which is why copywriting is so much harder. That landing page, letter or sales brochure has to do all that on its own.

And think about your sales team.

You wouldn’t let just anyone pitch. You hire sales people with a proven track record of winning new business and developing those accounts.

And it’s the same with sales and marketing collateral.

If it’s going to convert readers into customers, it needs to be professionally written, by someone who understands what makes your customers tick.

Reason 2 – copywriters were sales people once

Every copywriter worth their salt has sold something in a previous life. Whether it was door-to-door, in a call centre or on the road, they’ve been there and done it.

And this experience of the sharp end of business informs the way they write.

So back to your intern or graduate……………

They’re educated, sure, and they’ve written a ton of essays. All well structured and to their credit, deal admirably with complex themes.

But what have Jane Eyre or the Tudors got to do with selling your product or service? What experience and commercial acumen do they have?

Are they really the best person to turn to in your bid to tell your story and get under the skin of your customers?

The grammar will be spot on, but that’s not all that matters here.

Reason 3 – emotions influence buying

Why did I buy THAT?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Whether you upgraded to the nth degree when you only wanted a basic phone or bought some useless tat, buying isn’t logical or rational.

It’s an emotional process.

So many businesses insist on including dreadful bullets of non-information in their promotional literature. Did you ever buy something because:

We were established in 1986 – yawn
This product has these 5 features – how does this make my life easier or better?
We help small and large businesses – vague
Our product is AMAZING – run out of things to say, so crank up the hype.

Of course not. They don’t push any buttons.

A copywriter is an expert in empathy.They get inside the mindset of your customers and put your product or service into scenarios readers relate to:

Then couch your offering in terms of benefits – the very essence of what you provide.

And this isn’t features or how long you’ve been in business. It’s the problems you solve and the improvements you help your customers realise:

  • A beach-ready body
  • Hassle free accounting
  • A head start in learning
  • Becoming a hero in the eyes of colleagues

Powerful triggers that result in action. And orders.

Reason 4 – conversational writing doesn’t come naturally

Some copy just seems to suck you in. It’s compelling, easy to digest, you can skim here and there without losing the flow, and it talks directly to you.

Funnily enough, that’s no accident. Because the best copy is conversational.

Chat, chat, chat. You keep on reading. It’s easy to understand, relatable and carefully structured. No big, fancy words here. Just plain speaking. Kind of like you are.

And as you work your way through, you find yourself thinking, yup that is a concern. Those words seem to understand your pain. Then offer you a compelling solution.

And this chatty, customer-centric style is hard to master. It takes years of practice, not to mention some natural aptitude for this kind of thing, to get right.

Not everyone can be as clear, concise and compelling with words as a professional copywriter.

Reason 5 – good copy is a business investment

A well crafted sales letter is an asset. A resource you can keep reusing to generate leads. Leads that convert into sales. Lots and lots of sales.

Investing in the services of a professional copywriter can pay itself back many times over. A single e-shot or letter can generate tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds of revenue.

Unlike that ham-fisted effort someone cobbled together. Badly written, feature heavy and deleted or thrown in the bin.

It didn’t cost you anything. Nor did it gain you anything.

Here endeth the lesson.

Ready to give working with a professional copywriter a try?
Good news! But, as we’ve not worked together before, let’s start small.

Send me over something you have already and for £100 I’ll rework it.
And if you don’t like my version? I won’t charge you a penny. / 07897 618711

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