It was my birthday yesterday. Yay! Happy birthday to me. A marketing opportunity if ever there was one, because even though I turned 44, I still got some birthday money.

Thanks Mum!

So, flush with cash and ready to treat myself, I ventured into the promotions section of Gmail where a whopping 3 brands had gotten in touch to help me celebrate. And relieve me of that money I was keen to spend.

Yes, 3.

So well done the NFL, River Island (I know, I know,  but I’d bought a present for a young person a few months back) and ASOS (ditto).

Everyone else – you better try harder next year.

I was at a marketing conference a few months back. I say conference. Big data circle jerk more like, which is what the industry is becoming.

But, honestly, what do they do with all this information they harvest? Just sit on it? In a world where you can time commercial messages more effectively than ever, opportunity missed guys.

And the quality of those messages…

To be fair to the NFL theirs wasn’t bad. Jaunty, a suggested personalised purchase and a clear call to action complete with time limited offer.

ASOS sent me a riff on it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to (look fly if I want to ), a discount code and a picture of a man. I think he was supposed to be looking fly, but I wasn’t sure. I haven’t been fly since the mid 90s.

And River Island? Oh dear, the worst of the bunch. Not that I want any absurdly skinny jeans. But a measly £5 off and some guff about celebrity birthdays this month. Am I supposed to buy a celebrity a gift with my discount code? Who knows?

Worst birthday ever. From a purely marketing perspective of course.

My wife took me out for a lovely meal at a restaurant we’ve eaten at a few time before who had the wit to reach out to see if we had plans for a special occasion…










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