I’ve often wondered – was Phil Collins singing about freelancing?

The relationship between marketing manager and copywriter?

Probably not. But I think he makes a valid point about partnership. Although what I’m proposing is a bit less intense:

Two people working towards one shared goal – yes.

Remaining connected through time and space when we’re not together – no.

Hi, I’m Richard Phelps – writer for hire.

And if it’s OK with you, I’ll take my foot out of the door and come and sit down.

Nice desk btw. And is that an iMac? Cool.

Image result for working on an imac

Right, I’ll make it quick. You’re crazy busy as it is.

I’ve got a couple of days each month coming free and wondered if you could use a hand?

All that copy you need for those big projects you’re juggling – chuck it my way and free up some time to crack on with all the other pressing stuff that’s overwhelming your inbox.

An extra pair of hands without contract or commitment.

Leaving you more time to be strategic. Which is what you’re really good at.

Image result for strategic thinking

Lighten the load and you might even leave the office on time, so go on:

  • Catch a movie
  • Pick the kids up from school
  • Chillax to a bit of Phil Collins if you must.

Whatever it is you like to do of an evening.

Right now though I’m just some random you know nothing about.

So have a look at my credentials first.

And here’s the deal:

We’ve not worked together before, so let’s start small.

For £100 I can work on something that could use a polish – a press release, sales letter or homepage perhaps.

Image result for 2 £50 notes

And if you don’t like my version? Well I won’t charge you a penny.

Image result for english penny

Can’t say fairer than that.

The bad news? I’ve only got capacity to work with 5 new people.

So if you’d like to grab a slot, email me before someone beats you to it.

You look after the big picture. I write. Perfect. It was like this was meant to be!

Look forward to hearing from you.

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